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This is where we begin. Our initial meeting would define the scope by which we could possibly work together on your project. We start with getting to know your vision on the project you have at hand and we would collaborate on how we are going to achieve your goal. We would define and understand your design needs, taste, budget and work with you from there. After that, we would provide you with our recommendations, timeline and select the designer that suits your needs.
This may become just an initial meeting, and we give you that liberty, but we can assure you that we have what you are looking for. We know client and designer relationships. Contact us anytime.

Service Design

Whether new constructions, renovation/redesign, or a small one-time project, we have you covered. Our services include:


Budget plans


Construction floor plans


Assignment of architects and contractors with our coordination with them


Space planning and interior design


Choice of residential/office/industrial furniture and fixtures; textile design, decoration, ornaments, and accessories


Color palette; painting work


Custom kitchen and/or bathroom designs and interior works


Flooring designs


Wall partitions


Window treatments



We are A Full Service Interior Design Company

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A few of what we have delivered, so far: Design


As the name suggests, the minimalist interior design calls for simplicity taking advantage of lighted spaces and the use of decors; clean and open spaces from simple materials that seem to refuse excessive show of decors. Japanese interiors are usually minimalist, if you would notice the concentration on empty spaces.


The eclectic design is busy with different materials and items set in a neutral background.  However, the eclectic design does not lack organization – it is actually one of its attraction. This is usually favored by experienced interior designers despite the challenge as it creates beauty from different sources.  Sources they know how to source!


Despite the term modern, this interior design style was popular during, and is referring to, the 19th century era. The modern interior design comprises straight lines, colors, and shiny surfaces with the use of metals, chrome, glass, and steel where patterns are few that creates an illusion of space, and industrial look.


Contemporary is similar to modern designs; however, it presents more use of space. This continually evolved from history and over centuries of interior designing. Contemporary usually refers to the “present,” although most of its interiors and accessories are derived from different time periods. The intention, usually, is to create the look that lasts.


The transitional design mixes the traditional and contemporary, where it concentrates on the elegance of lined fabrics, shapes, and neutral colors creating a balance between busy and minimal. This style in one that meets traditional and contemporary in between, so is called “the happy medium.” It takes accessories to communicate its style.


Rustic is natural compared to other interior designs. It uses materials such as wood beams, stone, and clay placing emphasis on rugged and natural look.  The furniture is light and comfy, mostly in pastel or natural colors. This is also sometimes defined as the organic look in all interior design styles.

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